We perform extraordinary business activities for outstanding companies and individuals with growing goals
and visioning Mexico and Latin America as strategic targets. And we make it from A to Z…
In Mexico!!


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Based in Mexico the CSCmx has rapidly positioned as one high quality, mid-volume, Business Development, Reverse Logistics & Supply Chain Strategic Partner, within the NAFTA and LATAM Countries.Our vision is global and our goals are a combination of resolving problems that are both local but general to many places in the world.

If you are looking for ways to do Business in Mexico, improve your Supply Chain Logistics and to reduce your cycle times and costs, contact us at CSCmx and let us learn about your needs. We know that we can offer you solutions and business options.

We perform extraordinary business activities for outstanding companies and individuals with growing goals and visioning Mexico and Latin America as strategic targets.

And we make it from A to Z… In Mexico!!

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Contact Details:

Phone: + 52 55 2643-6629
Email: [email protected]
Address: Av. Fuerza Aerea Mexicana #520 Of. 2, Col Federal. Del. Venustiano Carranza. Mexico City, Mexico.



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Electronic OEM's, Carriers, Distributors, Dealers

CSCmx is committed to delivering first-class quality repairs, refurbish, and other several reverse logistics services to our Consumer Electronic & Devices Customers through innovative processes, continuous improvement and the dedication of our certified technicians. We are currently servicing the repairs and Reverse Logistics for major Smartphone’s OEM brands, as well as some other state of the art devices.

Our Electronic Device Repair Services division is primarily engaged in repairing and maintaining the following types of devices: Smart-phones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers; Office machines; Communication equipment; and other electronic and precision equipment and instruments; we are also capable to repair and refurbish microscopes, televisions, stereos, video recorders, computers, fax machines, photocopying machines, two-way radios and other communications equipment, scientific instruments, and medical equipment.

Health and Beauty

We are a company dedicated to product sales and distribution through business development. We do have the skills and experience in sales of beauty products, building robust sales forces and direct sales teams, training and a excellent post-sale customer service. We also have been able to develop contacts in the high market segments that allow us to have fast access to the positioning of the products.

We have also the infrastructure to perform all management processes required for the operation, as described later in this document.


During 2012, the Cosmetics and Perfume market in Mexico was worth 11,275.63 million US dollars, increasing by 7.21% compared to 2011. The stable macroeconomic framework of the country in recent years and the high purchasing power the upper-middle classes, have caused the market value to grow 23.8% in the period 2008-2012.

The overall market opportunity lies in the increased purchasing power of Mexicans. The good performance of the economy in recent years and the growth prospects of the country, make the sector growth expectations positive in the short and long term.

According to Euromonitor, the growth in the coming years of the industry will continue to exceed the expectations of GDP growth in the country and it is estimated that the Premium (high-income) sector will grow at a faster pace than the overall sector. With these information and forecast, the market becomes very attractive for any H&B company that wants to enter the Mexican Market.

As a customer oriented company we are always focused to become a value-adding partner for Trading, Commercial representation, Business and Market Development, Back office and Administrative support, Distribution, Inventory management, Import – Export, Logistics, Operations, Reverse logistics, Warranty management, Freight and Delivery and Billing & Collection, with special attention to Customer Care.

As your Strategic Business Partner our company would be tasked to:


As a quality supply chain solutions provider we understand the storage, logistics, tracking and distribution processes. Whether your customers are picking up orders, forwarding or retrieving materials to/from multiple locations, we have the solutions and in-depth infrastructure to manage the processes and perform complete handling, visibility and tracking. Not many organizations in Mexico and Latin America can: ship, transport, import/export, receive, certify, store your products and materials as “One Stop Shop”, but we can. Our management systems are developed internally and it’s possible to connect them with others through different methods to ensure a complete visibility of the entire inventory or any product on real time.


Doing business in Mexico and Latin America requires to know the business culture and business language; we do have this experience. We are commit for supporting our business partners in their retail, procurement and indirect channels. With numerous special events and several procurement and sale points to support, the task of managing the whole Supply Chain and the variety of Products, Raw Materials, Promotional and Marketing Items and ensuring everything gets where it’s required, is cumbersome yet critical.

Most of the Companies need the ability to easily purchase, consolidate, manage, order, kit and ship these items to and from large address lists with complete accuracy and shortened lead-times. Also some companies have the need to provide After Market support with Reverse Logistics and Warranty management processes. In addition, the Companies need to keep up with the Business growing plan, expanding their Customers and Market Segments, and that is what we can do for them.

Unless the company has a full organizational infrastructure that can manage Local and International: Procurement, Sales and Marketing, Back office, Distribution, Warehousing, Customs and Duties, Logistics, Shipping and Distribution; they need to seek for several vendors with advanced, flexible capabilities and vast experience to help support, streamline and guide these procurement, logistics, fulfillment and distribution needs. CSCmx offer this whole activities as a One-Stop-Shop.

CSCmx has the experience, profile, licenses and processes to make an easy start up for It’s customers with no more extra costs or time involved on it.